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What we do:

Robin Helps People

Become an EMPLOYER OF CHOICE by teaching leadership development

INCREASE EMPLOYEE RETENTION while increasing productivity, profitability and morale 

Encourage EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT and create an atmosphere of trust


Who we are:

Robin's Ability is Demonstrated

Proven leadership experience managing employees
   and operations as Vice President of a university,
   executive director of a foundation, employee, manager
   and business owner.

Over 20 years as a Professional Speaker and Trainer
    with clients from Fortune 500 companies.

Masters degree and taught college level classes

Successfully developed and implemented employee
    development and retention techniques.

Author of Know Stress to No Stress--Achieving Life 
ance and numerous articles.


Why to hire Robin:

Results you can expect

Better Employee Retention

≈ Build trust by improving the quality of communications

≈ Nurture team spirit and loyalty to keep your valued  

≈ Reward and encourage each employee to be

Increased Productivity and Profitability

∞ Create an environment that  anticipates and

∞ Ensure that your system is a mutually beneficial one

∞ Elevate your organization above the competition

Improved Corporate Culture and Morale

• Understand why people come to work each day. Use it  
   to increase morale

• Help each employee understand their role in creating a
   positive environment

• Build relationships in the spirit of service






 Direct Line: 541-810-1109
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